Eating in the morning

As most of the adults, I have a job that requires me to wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning and this is not an easy task to do every day but I’d like to believe I am a morning person and I enjoy getting off my bed at this time. In the past year I tried to develop a habit of waking up early in the morning even if I’m going to sleep at small hours. Waking up in the morning is not a hard thing to do if you have something on your mind and if you want to accomplish a lot of things each day.

The doctor recommends that the first thing to do in the morning and which is very good for your health, is to eat your breakfast just after you wake up because this is giving you the energy for the first part of the day. Since I have so little time to prepare myself for the day, I can’t make my breakfast at home. In spite of this, after I walk for about 40 minutes until I get near to my workplace, I stop to a local shop called Mega Image and buy some sandwiches, croissants, fruits or anything else that will make a great breakfast.

Sometimes the sandwich that I want is not yet prepared and I have to wait for a few minutes until it is ready but I have to do this in order to be able to work till the noon. I observed I don’t have the energy to do anything if I don’t have a full stomach. A while ago, I suppose, the Mega Image shop tested the idea of preparing a quick breakfast for people who work in office buildings next to them. I observed that each day there were more and more people buying all kind of sandwiches and if the desired sandwich was not ready they had to wait a few minutes.

Now, probably as it was supposed to happen, the shop opened a new section to their food area which prepares all kind of sandwiches. For me, this is really great! And it is not expensive at all. They have a large area of products at accessible prices for all pockets.

What is your morning habit? Do you eat at home or you just buy something on the go? Are you a coffee lover or you just get along with a cup of hot tea?


The plan for 2017

Up until now I never did a list with objectives for the next year and I’m not trying to build one but there are things I want to do and accomplish because I want to improve myself and to become a better man. I know it sounds like a cliche and for me, a non believer, it is very awful to say and to admit that, but I just want to reach my full potential as a human being.

Life on this planet is very short. Today you could be a very well being, dancing and laughing with your friends, but in the next morning you may be shot dead in a bath of blood – just saying. What I am trying to say it’s very obvious. Life is not about how much you live, it is about how you live it. If it would be for me, and I’ve stated this many times before, I would just want to live as much as I will never be a burden for anyone (friends or family) and the age of 75 would be the greatest age to dine. This is what I’m thinking about right now.

Writing an article about things you want to do is never going to be easy because you don’t know how to start it and the best way for it is just to write the ideas just as they come. So…

  1. On my bucket list there’s a wish that sits on my mind for a while now: Turkish. I want to learn Turkish and in 2017 this is what I am gonna do. I don’t know how hard it’ll be and I do not know how this will help in life, but I just want to learn it. I feel I have a connection with this language, but at this moment I cannot tell why.
  2. A second wish is to read at least 2 books per month. I know it is possible and I have to read at least 24 books in 2017 even if my objective is 50. I’m thinking this doable only if I will be a good time manager.
  3. In the last month of 2016 I’ve started to taking dance lessons and I’m hoping that in mid 2017 to be able to dance in a milonga.
  4. I said I want do improve myself and this means not only to work with my mind, but also to have a fit body and for this I want to run and work all my muscles in gym. I have the schedule on my mind, but as I said a few rows above, I’ll need to know what time management is because I kinda suck on this.
  5. If I could name three things that make me sick all the time, those things would be: coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. In 2017 I plan to fully renounce on all of these, not all at once, but at the end of 2017 I hope I will say I’m not spending my money on the mentioned drugs. As an excuse at the beginning: a glass of wine never hurt anyone especially on festive events.
  6. The next item on my list might be the easiest one. Even if I already have a tattoo on my back I still want to make another one. At this moment I do not know what kind of tattoo, what shape or which size should it be, but I’m sure that until the end of 2017 I will decide myself.
  7. In November 2016 I’ve got my driver license for motorcycles. It was a long period since I started the lessons for this category of driver license but in the final I managed to get it and the plan for 2017 is to buy a motorcycle and and go in an adventure. Doesn’t matter where because on the final because in the end the only thing that matters is the way you spend your time and the more memories you make.
  8. The eight point is for the things that I didn’t plan until now and which will come along the way. This point is for unanticipated or unpredicted things that may appear and I shall write them down while they arise.

I know that the above points or maybe just some of them are really ambitious. I can only hope I’ll be a good time manager and I will achieve all the things I had in mind and for 2017. It is not about that that things are not doable but most of them are time consuming and I’ll have to schedule each of them very precise.

Now…. I wish me luck and I hope next year on the same time I’ll cross out from this list all of the items.

Is Sinești ready to change?

Sinești is my home village, the place where I spent my entire childhood and the place where I return without hesitation whenever I want to run away from the capital city of Bucharest. I may be subjective but I always think of this small village in the south of Vâlcea county as being one of the nicest in the Romania.

It doesn’t have anything special and most of its inhabitants are old people at this moment. The young ones, as I also did, left their home village hoping to find a better living in other big cities where they can work and make a living for themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes when I come home I feel pity for the men and women who can’t have a better life where they were born because here is no industry or any factories or something from what they can earn money to buy food and wealth.

In Sinești the main activity that has emerged again in the last few years is the agriculture. It may be an old habit of peasants, but people still practice it in a new way. This came from the need of having what to eat. Many people have started to grow vegetables and sell them into big cities or small markets from the neighborhood and seeing them how they are struggling to survive by doing field work and crawling in dirt, it makes me sick. Not sick because they work as hard as they can to take care of their families, but because in these modern days agriculture should be made with automatic tools and machines.

The people from Sinești didn’t realize that the era of working with bare hands has ended long time ago, in the previous century. Now they can buy electric or diesel machines to work with, but the only problem is that they don’t have sufficient money for this. A while ago I heard about an association of farmers that could’ve been started if all small producers from Sinești would’ve agreed, but no one wanted to hear about this idea because they were selfish and didn’t realize this was for the common good.

Sometimes, even that I love Sinești, I think people living there deserve their faith to work until their bodies can’t handle the load. The man was built by nature to adapt in order to make its living easier, but here they refuse to collaborate and have a bigger income monthly.

I’m looking forward to return here one day and see changed mentalities and behaviors. Or maybe I’ll be one of the people which are starting a movement in Sinești. Who knows? I only hope and have faith in changing.


The idea of writing articles in English was on my mind for a long time now, but I didn’t have the courage or strength to deal with the fear of not writing that good. I’ve always been afraid of making grammar mistakes because I know for sure that my English isn’t so proficient as it should be.

Photo: Bioprod

Why 2016 is the greatest year for me until now

It’s hard to weight and appreciate the good things in your life especially when you know some of the best things happen without reason and when you have no expectations. In this case, for my 2016, I had few expectations and some of them became real, but not all.

As a disclaimer, I want to say that I don’t know why I chose to write this down in English, it just felt right for me to do so or it’s just a little practice. Maybe it sounds better in English. This post is about all the things that made my 2016 to be the best year in my life until now because I feel I accomplished a lot and I hope I’ll do much more in 2017. First of all, when I embraced the first day of January this year, I stepped in with my left foot. Looking back, I can see I was really down when it comes to psychic state because I wanted so much to get back together with my ex, but this story is not about this, it’s about how a lot of things happen and how at this moment I feel I’ve achieved so much.

It is very hard to make a resolution list without bragging yourself, but this is not about bragging, this is about how I feel about this 2016. One of my many wishes was to go to Istanbul and this dream came true in the last days of February without planning it in advance. This city of Turkey has something special that makes you love it even before you get to know it and I really loved spending some days there with some of my friends.

About my second reason 2016 was the greatest year until now, I have to say that I craved for it since my birthday in 2015, but back then I’ve decided to jump from a plane instead of buying a dog and raise it. This happen also at the beginning of February when I bought an Akita Inu cub and named it Thor. This fur ball was a really pain in the ass in the first weeks because it peed into my apartment every time when I wanted to get it outside, but even though, I loved it. I wish I could’ve kept it with me in Bucharest, but changing my job and it becoming bigger and bigger every day forced me to take it to my parents in the country side where is plenty of free space for it to play at will. Now, each time I go home I let it jump on me with the feet while I put my arms around it full of joy.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned about an ex-girlfriend I wanted really bad to make up again with her. This wish became real and made me very happy, but things were not made to overcome the test of time. So, at this moment we’re apart one of each other and I believe this happen just how it was supposed to be. Yeah, I feel sorry, but I also appreciate we had some very nice moments together. It’s not the end of time and I’m looking forward for new beginnings in search for happiness.

Talking about achievements I cannot stand without mentioning that I had no plan of changing my job. I also did this thing. It simply happened: one day my phone rang and I scheduled and interview with one of the biggest IT companies in Romania and the next day I was like hired. I didn’t see that coming but I’m glad I did this change in my life. It helped me pay my bills and assured some material stuff without making me worry about how’s going to be the next day. Also, this helped me buy another car which was another nice and unplanned thing.

Going to the next thing that I’ve crossed out from by bucket list, I have to talk about a mini-micro festival in my home village where I managed to gather in the same place twenty something friends and made them pay for the weekend. #UrzicaFEST, named after the small village I lived in, wasn’t very fancy, but music, food and fun were included while they slept in the middle of the nature in tents. I feel this is one of the biggest achievements of this year because I was asked by my friends to organize it again next year. Making them happy is worth losing my time.

Last year the government of Romania issued a law which stated that all the people working in IT industry are allowed not to pay the VAT tax to the state, but I was not eligible for this until this year and I’m very happy that I managed to take this out on my mind too. Maybe it does not seem to be such a very big thing, but for me it matters a lot.

At this moment, looking back to what this year has meant for me, I realize that I’ve done much more than I expected from myself. It may look I am a narcissistic man, but tell me who’s not thinking about their person being the most important?

In the beginning of this article I was talking about a girl in my life. Back in January we were still apart, but somehow we managed to get back together and consumed our unusual relationship until October. We even discovered a beautiful city outside Romania’s southern border which is not so distant from Bucharest. Veliko Tarnavo has offered us great memories and added value to our time spent over there. This is how things happened and I’m not looking for any explanations. As for the relationship expectations, I have none. I’ll just let the things be, to follow their natural course.

I even managed to continue last year’s adventure #oriundemaduc, this time with a friend and also outside Romania’s border. In this one week of hitchhiking we met on the road some really great men, we forged new memories, we saw old friends and we visited Budapest and Vienna.

Getting outside of Romania is not everything. I also gathered some friends together and spent an entire day rafting on Jiu river. It was fun and a little bit unconventional because we do not go very often outside our daily routine and we do not know much more about life outside the job from the corporation we work for. In the future I intend to change this in my life. Some words are ringing very loud in my head right now: “do as much as you can as fast as you can” and I really want to make some changes about the way I live and consume my days.

In April when I changed my job I also started some courses for a new driving license category. It was out of my comfort zone and I felt like I’m really doing something for myself. I didn’t need to know how to drive a motorcycle but in mid-November when I saw the new driving license in my hands it was like I was getting a new present in a Christmas day. It was not a big thing, but I was proud I finally got it.

Time is a resource that we can’t get back after it passes and because of this I want do add value to and to get the best of it by doing a lot of things, many of them unconventional. This is why I chose to go to some public speaking event a friend was talking about in previous months. It was not a bad idea and I really liked to see how normal people overcome their fear of speaking in front of a very large public without worrying about how they are seen and analyzed. It made me want to do more with my life. At the end of this event I even was a lucky bastard and won a dancing course.

Previous to that I knew I had two left feet and dancing was not an option. If someone was saying that I will go to dancing classes I would’ve said back to him that he’s crazy and I will never-ever dance in my life and this would’ve been a very big lie because right now I really enjoy moving forward and backwards in Argentinian tango steps.

The year is not over yet and at this moment and I look forward to learn how to get down on a slope with a snowboard. I hope and wish that 2017 will be even greater than 2016. In my pursuit of happiness I want to discover new passions, to take care of the relationships with my friends and to be a better man at the end of it.