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This is a pretty weird and funny story having in mind the fact that at the beginning of my career path I didn’t want to get hired and work because I was in my final year in college. Also, that was the period when I was spending the money from my parents and I had nothing to worry.

Well… only college was the one thing to worry about, but I didn’t like it that much and eventually dropped out of it in my fourth and final year. In the end, I managed to finish another faculty and this only for a tax deduction from Romanian state. The story isn’t about this, so read it and decide later in your mind if it was worth or not.

In the beginning, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Just joking. My luck, and I really mean it when I say luck, was that a colleague of mine was hired a few months back in that period and the company he was working for, Metrosystems, was in need of more employees so he asked me if I wanted to start working. I even remember now the moment: it was in the first days of January 2013 and I was really insecure about this step in my life.

Now, when I look back, I think this was one of the best decisions I could’ve taken at that time, but also it scared the shit out of me because I thought I wasn’t ready to have responsibilities and earn my own money. Just to describe how I felt, I was afraid and insecure.

Long story short, I sent my resume after two weeks, I had the technical interview in February and on March 15th, 2013  was the first working way of my life when I started to sustain myself and pay taxes. I was not a child anymore depending on his parents.

The first job, like the first kiss, first car, first whatever, you cannot forget it. I was working in shifts of 12 hours and for a year and eight months I sit in front of a computer day and night, 40 hours/week. It was the beginning, the place where I absorbed every new thing like a sponge, where I  learned how to treat customers and how to maintain relationships with my other colleagues.

After that beautiful period, the need to make a change became inevitable due to the fact that I was starting to feel the tiredness from working night shifts, so when the luck struck me again I decided to take a step further. I received an offer from a former colleague to work in another great company along with new professional people.

Again, I was undecided about the career path and I wasn’t sure if I should accept it or not. This time because I was attached to people from my first company, some of them becoming real friends. I had to be a little bit selfish and see that the decision was not about friendships and relationships built in that period, but about my health and my career path and now I think I did the right choice. Of course, along with Ericsson (the new company), a new learning process began. I felt like I was becoming a sponge again.

During my stay here, for a year and four months, I have to say that I learned a lot, I traveled to Italy for a 3 weeks job-related trip and I won some great friends along the journey. In Ericsson I discovered professional colleagues which taught me lots of new things, new technologies and new ways of dealing with day to day issues in a multinational company. This helped me to have a better understanding of an area I was not fully aware of. Also, not to mention, the knowledge I gained here kicked me right in another tech giant: Oracle.

Well, this is another part of the story. When I arrived in this team at Oracle I had a pleasant surprise: I realized I already knew half of the people working there so this was a plus. But not the big one. The big one came only after half a year when I felt I was part of the greatest team ever. Still, I was not content with myself because of other small motives.

In spite of all good things, there was still only one thing bugging me which I was really missing: hands-on – to apply the knowledge I had. In the period when I had the interview with IBM I was feeling I could do more for myself and I’m a man of action, the one who learns by doing – so this made my up my mind and accepted the new challenge and opportunity.

Again, I didn’t want to be subjective about the place where I work and I flew to IBM. It took me quite a lot of courage to make this step and not to cry as I was letting behind so great guys. Now, after more than six months, I don’t regret my decision. I still meet up with old friends from Oracle and discuss lots of subjects, but I consider that at this job I have time to invest in myself, to grow and to achieve new limits in a year or two.

Maybe I’m dreaming with my eyes wide opened. Maybe some of the decisions were bad, but at that time seemed right and they brought me in this point from where I have all the future in front of me with thousands of possibilities and paths to follow.

Now, would I take the same decisions again or would I change some of them in order to follow another career path? This is the question. I’m sure I would do the same, the only thing which I would change is to learn more and try harder to achieve my full potential.

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