Being busy is your choice

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In the last few months, I tried to do lots of things, but the most important is that I wanted to discover myself and to improve myself in order to become a better person (such a cliché, right?). And I tried to do these things in a number of various ways.

The first step was to form or adopt a habit of eating in the morning before leaving my house and this is now part of my daily routine. Before going to Poland in the beginning of September this year and staying 2 weeks in a hotel where they served breakfast each day, I was not paying too much attention to what I was eating so I considered I was strong enough to skip the first meal of the day which gave me all the strength for the next few hours. It was a mistake to think like this.

But before having breakfast I decided to wake up each day at 7 AM because this way I will have more time for myself. Now I’m able to prepare breakfast, eat, read and think about some of my short/long-term objectives. I’m trying to find ways to fulfill my dreams and to act in that direction.

Both of the above decisions of how my life changed in the past few months are just some small examples that eventually will help me to become a better person. They are not making me busy, but they help me think clearer and that’s how I get to be busy and not to have time for meetings with some friends. I even deleted the Facebook app from my smartphone as I was permanently connected to it and this got me FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I hope I will get rid of this “condition” really soon.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a great podcast of Tim Ferris which provides answers to two important questions which will make you concentrate on real tasks and prioritize what’s important for you. The podcast discussions are about how to say no in a polite way and how being busy is just a decision. I was caught up very quickly about these 2 ideas as I was practicing them without knowing how to name them.

First of all, in my particular case, the two questions are highly correlated. In the last period, I tended to decline many invitations because I felt I didn’t have any time to waste on some random and unplanned meetings. So I chose to be busy each day of the week, to do something different each day for my personal and professional development.

I even realized that now I’m 27 years old and that’s a little more than a third of the life expectancy in Romania and there’s no time to waste on things and people that are not making me feel good and become a better person in all aspects. There’s no point in doing some random thing just for the sake of doing something.

That’s why I chose to be busy all the time and plan as good as I can all the aspects of my life and that’s why busy is just a decision, everyone’s decision.

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