Why 2017 is the year of the many journeys

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I know it’s only the end of November 2017 and there is still one month to go until the new year, but I feel I can’t wait until that time to write what’s on my mind about the period which passed up to this moment. For a while now I tend to have a look back on the things that I achieved in the year that just gone away. And this is not a random post in which I brag myself. It’s just a summary of myself and my personal achievements.

So, to not make the discussion too long, I did the following things which I’m proud of.

I managed to change my job again and after a few months in IBM, I feel it was the right decision. I’m not very proud that in the past years I’ve changed the employers that often, but now I think I found what I was looking for. The project I work for it’s a very big one and I can see its outcomes in the European Union, the workload is acceptable, I can work from home when I need and also the working hours are very flexible. Moreover, I don’t need to change the metro in order to arrive at my workplace. All of those little things are making me be grateful for the job I have now.

Even if I didn’t plan in advance too much, this year I managed to travel a lot outside Romania’s borders, so that’s why 2017 is the year of the many journeys for me.  I visited Germany, Holland, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia, Poland and Belgium. I wrote only about two countries on the blog, Germany because of the good time spent there and Croatia because it was about a very different summer holiday than the previous ones. Now I’m a little sorry that I didn’t write some articles or keep some evidence of the memories I have from the other countries. I’m referring to writing about them, but I plan to change that in the future.

As a girl said to me, “It is a great thing to be able to call it this way [year of the many journeys] when you draw the finish line. And the year it’s not finished yet.”

If I’m to remember some other good things which made my life more interesting and more exciting there are the new sports that I experienced in Croatia: scuba-diving, para-sailing, kayaking and bungee-jumping. Also, I need not to forget mentioning the shooting with a pistol and the squash which is beginning to become a routine for when I have some free time to distract my mind.

These are not much of an achievement, but for me, little experiences matter and I believe they give me enrichment. Not material, but spiritual. When someone is talking about any of the above sports, now I can say with certain pride: I did this!

Maybe I didn’t achieve something great, but at least I started some Turkish classes to learn a little bit of this language. It’s hard and I’m struggling with it because of the 9-to-5 work schedule. I manage to get to the courses, but sometimes it feels like a burden. It’s not that I don’t like it because I love it.  At times it is like a pain in the ass because the professor speaks only Turkish and I don’t know what is the best approach to master this language. Aside from the hours spent in Yunus Emre Turkish Institute in Bucharest, I am aware I need to study at home and this kills my free time, but I try to motivate myself that eventually, the effort will pay off.

While the time was going away day after day, I was thinking more and more about self-motivation and reading books to improve my knowledge and become a better version of myself. I want this really bad and distractions are always present in the way and I don’t know how to deal with them. Hopefully, someday I’ll surpass this small inconvenient.

I’m forcing myself to wake up each day at 7 in the morning, to make more things and to have a good time management. And it is not working with advice from my friends or acquaintances. I just have to deal with it on the go and do a little bit each passing day.

In the last two months, I deleted the Facebook app on the mobile phone and I limited the time spent on this social network to 15 minutes/day on my computer. I realized it was a waste of time and didn’t get me any benefit. Now I’m only following certain people and trying to improve my personal brand as I believe it’s time to concentrate my attention on my career now and be surrounded only by people who help me grow each day.

One thing I regret is the meetings with the people I know, but I was trying to learn how to be more selective and to appreciate only the persons who have a good influence on me. I tended to appreciate the long friendships and the quality time and I think this is a not a bad custom seen from the right perspective.

Moreover, I always tried to go the extra mile and do more. This is also my thought for the year to come and I hope 2018 will surprise me in a nice way, so wish me luck. 🙂

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